Music As Therapy – “The Gypsy Baron”

There is scientific evidence that music can help to ease the symptoms of depression – With this in mind, we invite you to take time out from your busy schedule, relax momentarily and listen to our “Inspiring Music Selection for Today”.

Today′s selection is the London Symphony Orchestra’s interpretation of the Viennese Waltz Op. 418 from The Gypsy Baron, an operetta in three acts by Johann Strauss II that premiered on October 24, 1885. Set in 18th Century Hungary, this is the colorful story of the marriage of the nobleman Sándor Barinkay and a gypsy girl who is revealed to be the beautiful daughter of a Turkish Pasha.  The comedy involves fortune-telling, a hidden treasure, a band of gypsies, a Mayor, a Military Governor and other assorted actors.  Story-telling, tales of glorious exploits in battle, singing and dancing, laughter…and a truly happy ending…it’s all there! We hope your imagination takes flight when you listen to this magnificent waltz.

Here is a beautiful instrumental rendition of La Paloma…a nostalgic version that will transport you back to the halcyon days of your youth…when your life was carefree and exciting…and you embarked on a journey full of dreams and promise…envisioning the world as it should be rather than as it is. Re-living the past through the power of memory and imagination.