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This background is inspired by the Italian song “Volare” – to fly.

Cultural Competency

At Milwaukee Women’s Recovery Center, Inc., we are committed to providing all services with sensitivity to the culture and values of the clients we service, and to offer, as appropriate, treatment for groups organized with special needs in mind (e.g., gender, sexual orientation, older adults, Spanish language, co-occurring disorders, and developmental disabilities). We guarantee equal access to treatment for all persons in need, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, age (18 years or over), or sexual orientation.

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Dear Visitor,

Thank you for visiting our website. Milwaukee Women’s Recovery Center, Inc. is a unique place. Our mission is to empower women experiencing substance use disorders (SUDs) and any co-occurring mental disorders to achieve and maintain recovery and rehabilitation in mind, body and spirit. Our treatment services are based on the medical model, which views addiction as a complex but treatable disease that affects brain function and behavior. Our trained psychotherapists utilize a gender-specific, holistic and trauma-informed approach that addresses not only the woman’s drug abuse but also her psychological, social, vocational, housing and legal problems. 

Additionally, persons with SUDs are also known to often experience comorbid chronic physical health conditions, including chronic pain, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  Our Advanced Practice Nurse Prescribers assess each client for her physical health status and make referrals to physicians and other healthcare professionals for medication, for diagnostic procedures and for medical treatment as may be warranted.  

We promise the women who enter our doors compassionate services in a caring and supportive environment designed to equip them with life management, parenting and relationship skills needed to achieve an overall sense of independence and self-sufficiency.  

Patricia M. Faulhaber, RN, MSN

Executive Vice President/COO


The programs and services provided by our agency, as described herein, are subsidized by the Milwaukee Country Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). In addition to significant financial support, DHHS also provide our agency with advice and guidance pertaining to program development, quality assurance, compliance, and related matters.