Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) is a therapeutic approach that helps people with health challenges participate in daily life to the fullest.  

Clients with mental disorders often face challenges in planning tasks, organizing, and problem solving and decision making.  They may also have difficulties with controlling emotions, which can make it difficult to function and be independent in society. Occupational therapy can help improve on or compensate for these challenges. 

At New Horizons Crisis Stabilization House, our occupational therapists provide treatment that may include:

  • Patient and caregiver education.
  • Practicing life management skills.
  • Adapting tasks or environment to become more independent.
  • Developing coping mechanisms to deal with emotional problems.

Our goal in occupational therapy is to habit train clients to help them enjoy life to the fullest.  Our OTs are trained to identify difficulties in performing daily activities. They will work with clients and their loved ones to help develop life management skills such as:

  • Creating and following a productive daily schedule.
  • Taking care of personal hygiene.
  • Managing one’s own health.
  • Navigating the community and using public transportation.
  • Organizing and following a medication regimen.
  • Interacting appropriately in work or social situations.
  • Working or volunteering.
  • Planning and cooking healthy meals.
  • Managing budget and finances. 

Such habit training focuses on balancing activities in the areas of work, rest and play, which can be unbalanced in people with mental health disorders

[Acknowledgement: The above content includes verbatim excerpts from Occupational Therapy for Mental Health, John Hopkins –